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This site is dedicated to my loving wife, Jacqueline (Jackie) Hill

Ghost wolf

Walking WolfWalking Wolf

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Here you will find several different sub-sites,
each reflecting different times of my life.
My thanks to my wonderful wife for insisting
I re-do my site, and for her help in doing so,
and also for the help of friends and family that
have been there for me and helped me along the way.
Please sign my guest book before leaving,
and thanks for stopping in.

Lone Wolf

The Gross National Debt

Gasoline Prices

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

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I am a Proud American

The Walking Wolf gif used on my pages
was sent to me. If you know who made
this graphic, please e-mail me so I may
give proper credit to the author.
Thank you, Graywolf


Midi playing Dances With Wolves

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Remember Sept. 11, 2001

This site is designed and some of the graphics by Graywolf.
Some of the graphics used here are from unknown sources and if the owner recognizes them, please let me know so I can give proper credit, or remove them, if that is their wish. If not otherwise noted, all poems on this site and all graphics made be me, are copyrighted by Graywolf (Ralph R. Hill). Please do not use them without my permission. Just an email to me GRAYWOLF for permission will be greatly appreciated, and I will gladly let you use them and provide you with a link to add to the work.
Thanks again for visiting. Graywolf

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