Crying in the shower

When I get ready for bed each night,
no matter what the hour.
And I turn on the bathroom light,
and get into the shower.

Most nights it's just a thing I do,
to get ready for the morning.
But on a night or two,
I still take to mourning.

The water beats upon my back.
the shower fills with steam.
And suddenly, it all turns black,
and of you, I dream.

A mournful cry fills my throat,
and tears fill my eyes.
And like on a sinking boat,
no one hears my cries.

The soap falls to the shower floor,
my tears run down the drain.
And I gather myself up once more,
and try, my composure to regain.

To face a life without you love,
you, June, my loving wife.
And you know from up above,
I'll love you, all my life.