Our ship sails 'cross the boundless blue,
as twilight starts to fall.
The sun nears the horizon,
a big red blazing ball.

The sky is now a deeper blue,
stars start to appear.
Couples and lovers stroll hand in hand,
as nighttime draws ever near.

Puffy clouds in the evening sky,
turn from pink to flaming red.
The sun sinks ever deeper,
getting ready to go to bed.

Silhouetted against the setting sun,
in the gathering dusk of day.
A shadow of another ship,
as she goes along her way.

Tramp steamer, freighter, cruise ship?
We have no way of knowing.
We are not getting any closer,
as the shadow is not growing.

The sun sinks ever deeper
into the sea of blue.
The shadow of the ship,
merges into the deeper hue.

Where there was once a shadow,
now is only night.
Except for the occasional twinkle,
of a shipboard light.

Where is the shadow going
on its lonely way?
As it travels through the darkness,
toward the light of another day.

Ralph Hill