My Other Works

Below are some of the other poems I have written. Most of them I wrote after my first wife died, and I was in a state of deep depression, but I have some that have been written since I met the love of my life, Jackie. Some of them are poorly written, an indication of the novice I was, and still am at writing poetry. I wrote them as a means of trying to heal from the deep hurt in my heart. They helped me through the darkest period of my life and through them and the web-site I set up to display them, I met my wife Jackie, who I never would have met had it not been for these poems. She rekindled the spark of life in me, and fanned it into a flame of love. I love her dearly and am proud to be her husband.
My sincere thanks to all that helped me through that time and especially to Mama and Bogle (my dear friends Karen and Les) for the help they gave me in setting up my first site. Without their help and patience, my poems would still be gathering dust on my dresser and I would still be in mourning, instead of married to a wonderful and loving woman. I love you, Jackie, with all my heart and soul.


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