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Hello and thank you for visiting my site..
This page is just to let you know a little
about me. *S*
First, I am the father of 3, 2 boys and 1
girl, and grandfather of 2, both boys,
but now suddenly, I am the father of 6,
4 boys, and 2 girls, and grandfather of
13, 9 boys, and 4 girls, and great-grand
father of 3, all girls, I married a
sweet lady with a bigggggggg family!!!
There have been alot of happenings
in my life over the last 2 years. But first,
I am an amateur Poet and Web-site builder. I
only got started doing this a bit over 2 years
ago, after my first wife died. I started writing
poetry as a means of healing. I didn't think
about Web-sites, or anything. Just wrote when
the spirit moved me.
By means of poem sent to me
by my daughter, I met some really great folks
from England, who talked me into making my own
site to showcase my work. With many hours of
their patience on Yahoo IM, my site was up and
running on Homestead. Then by means of a graphic
sent to me, I joined a Web Ring.
One Sat. afternoon, I got
an IM from one of the co-founders, who knew
from my application, that I drove a big truck.
She asked if I ever got through Fresno(Calif),
and I told her, "Once in awhile, but the next
time I got through, dinner is on me!!" About a
week later, I got a load going to Washington state,
and called her Sat. afternoon, to tell her I would
be through Fresno about 7 PM and was looking
forward to our dinner "DATE" Well, I was late,
due to problems loading my cars, but got to the
truck stop, she told me about, parked my truck
and walked into the truck stop restaraunt.
Sitting in a booth, was this pretty lady, I came
to meet. She has told me she would be dressed
in blue, hence the name of one of the poems I
wrote to her, "Vision In Blue". After she had
a heart attack,(to break our second date!!)
I got as many loads as I could to get me
through Fresno. She lived with her sister, in
a house on the corner which provided me plenty
of room to park my truck. I asked her to marry me
in March, and to my happiness, she said "YES".
We were married in my home in Palmdale, CA. on
June 1, 2002. I retired from driving the end of
Aug., we sold our homes, and moved to Oklahoma,
where we now reside. I built a shop, and Jackie
and I spend many happy hours working there, she
with her ceramics and me doing my woodwork. And
we both enjoy our computers.
Well, thats about it, hope I didn't bore you to
much. Stop in again sometime, as I will be adding
more pages (got alot of poems to put in here),
and Thanks again
for visiting my site.

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