Week 1 Lessons

Please excuse my pages. I cleaned my C drive and re-installed Windows on it, and somehow it corrupted my D drive, where I put a complete backup file of all my C drive programs. At present I cannot access my D drive, which has all my work for the last 2 years stored on it. So I am basically starting from scratch. I am still trying to recover my files, so please bear with me. Thanks - Graywolf

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Stained Glass Koi Stained Glass Wolf

Lesson 3

Far From Home

Lesson 4

Bold Frame

Lesson 5

Creating Tubes

We got off to a late start this week, so here are the 5 lessons. I will do the 2 bonus lessons and add them to this page a bit later, after I get caught up.

Midi playing Dances With Wolves